About Sristi

Sristi is the name of the organisation that we few students have started. We aspire to do social work with a view to empower the under-privileged. We have already started with our initiatives. We have already managed to pull off our first project in Nalpur where we have distributed educational materials to the students of a school enlisted under the ‘sarbashiksha abhiyan’ programme. With other projects on the way we wish to very soon with the sole motive of making a difference in society. No matter how minute our contribution is, we plan to commit our time and efforts for the betterment of society. Lets discuss what Sristi as an organisation represents and what are the future plans for Sristi.

What “Sristi” stands for ?

The word Sristi in Bengali means creation, innovation. We certainly hope to ‘innovate’ to alleviate people from misery and present to the society a sustainable model of social work which can be implemented to resolve many issues that we face in our diverse country. Now what Sristi technically stands for:

  • Succour

  • Responsibility

  • Innovation

  • Sustainability

  • Tolerance

  • Illumination 

Thus we hope to keep these things in mind while working in the field. We hope to work with conviction, sincerity and selflessness and optimism even in the face of despair. Plans and programmes:

We started out with a primary focus on elementary education and have successfully executed our first project in Nalpur(West Bengal) in a school enlisted under the ‘Sarbashikshya Abhiyan’.We distributed educational materials to approximately 85 students. We would also like to share that we were able to carry out our very first #clothes drive in the month of January near Rashbehari Avenue. The immense support from volunteers and enthusiasts was overwhelming and it added a major boost to our initiative. :) 

Apart from promoting education and undertaking clothes drives we aim to undertake other programs as well, through which we would like to emphasize on awareness campaigns regarding cleanliness, sanitation as well as organizing health camps to cater to the needs of the people. We wish to expand our initiatives into rural Bengal.

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President Speech

“First of all I want to say thanks to my friend and brother Abhirup Santra (former president) and his fellow peers to take this organisation in this height. Now it's the responsibility of new committee to take it in highest point.
Previously we have worked on clothes and education drive, but now beside those we will try to cover another basic needs of human, that's food. Also aspects of child development we are now thinking about to reconstruct sports infrastructure of primary schools.
We know the task is been more tougher than previous but I believe you all are with us and your contributions and our determinations can make it happen. I invite you all in SHIBPUR SRISTI. Join with us and let's build a better society for our future hopes. INDIA is our motherland and the responsibilities goes to us, so that we can again say that "ভারতবর্ষ আবার জগত সভায় শ্রেষ্ঠ আসন লবে".
I know every people wants to go heaven, but my thought is that why don't we make our society better than heaven so that GOD will be interested to live here..☺”